Thank you to Canada Revenue Agency Call Center Staff!

It has been reported to BMD Services, that periodically, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Call Center (1-800#) is contacted by people who appear to qualify for the DTC, yet either have been denied the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), or have doctors that will not sign their Disability Tax Credit Certificate (DTC application forms).  Call Center staff then respond sympathetically that claims success rests primarily on the doctors support of DTC claims and their providing CRA with the required information to CRA accurately. So, when doctors are not supporting claims and/or not providing accurate required information to CRA, there is not much more that CRA can do.

Based on this, CRA staff are referring callers to us at BMD Services, as they report that we have a very successful record of providing services helping people to overcome the challenges of applying for the DTC.  We at BMD understand that the Federal Government has a blanket policy of not recommending specific service providers to the public, and respect and understand this policy.  However, we view these referrals as a testament to the fact that our service is needed, and that it can make all the difference.

Canada Revenue Agency, Medical Practitioners (and their support staff), and BMD Services are professionally and ethically obligated to do all we can to help those who qualify for the Disability Tax Credit to be formally and accurately acknowledged as such, and to receive all of their due associated benefits, as simply and quickly as possible.

Barry M. D. Ho
President, BMD Services

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