Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website for more information about the Disability Tax Credit.  We here at BMD Services remain busier than ever providing accurate and comprehensive DTC assessments helping Canadians to quickly and precisely understand whether they qualify for the DTC, for which years, and the benefit they can expect.  We would like to say, “your welcome” to the thousands we have helped so far.  We would also like to thank those who we have assessed to qualify, for trusting us to help them to successfully apply for the DTC.  We understand it often isn’t easy to trust others, particularly in medical and income tax related matters, so again thanks for your trust in us.

As a reminder, we here at BMD Services have been helping Canadians successfully receive their benefits for over 12 years, and rely on processes learned from actual experience within Canada Revenue Agency, at a effectiveness and efficiency internal audit level, as well as experience from the real-world needs of patients and doctors involved in DTC claims.  Detailed legal level understanding of the DTC qualifying criteria, as well as day-to-day struggles patients and doctors experience with these criteria, set us apart from anything else, which results in our clients success.

By the most part, I wanted to remind anyone visiting our site, that although the DTC can be relatively simple for “severely” restricted applicants, say those who are deaf, blind, or unable to walk, dress, or feed themselves, or require constant help and supervision on a daily basis for the physical and/or mental needs, or those who are near unable to function in these regards, our service focuses on helping Canadians who are a lot less severe, who are moderately restricted (in one function) or those perhaps relatively mildly restricted (in 2 or more functions), who are able, perhaps are working, going to school, raising families, and continuing to function normally each day, yet are somewhat slowed in what they do.  It is these folks that are typically unaware that they meet the DTC qualifying criteria (legally and accurately), who need help.  Doctor’s too need help in understanding how these folks qualify.  This is what we help with, and make us a valuable resource for Canadians looking to receive their just due benefits.

Lastly, please keep in mind that the DTC is an income tax credit/benefit, and that is amounts to individuals receiving their own income tax money back, as an overpayment credit/refund.  This is not government money, rather it is claimants own money that has been returned to them, as they qualify for a reduction in the amount they were due to pay.  This benefit can be up to 10 years retroactive, and can amount to $2,000 or more for each year.  This then can mean $20,000 or more in lump sum past years refunds, as well as more for future years.  This is a substantial potential to say the least, and it matters.

It is your money, and if you qualify, and need help to understand whether you do, and perhaps help with a claim, just contact us for a free and quick assessment, then we can go from there.


Barry M. D. Ho

President, BMD Services

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