Chiropractors should be authorized to certify Disability Tax Credit Certificates


Finally! Chiropractors are making a concerted effort to become authorized to certify Disability Tax Credit application forms (DTC Certificate Form T2201). A poster has been created by Canadian Chiropractic Association, entitled “Why Not Chiropractors” informing patients about the DTC and how Chiropractors should be allowed to complete these benefits forms on behalf of their patients.  The poster encourages patients to contact their local MPs stating that chiropractors should be eligible to assess patients for the Disability Tax Credit.

In a notice to a chiropractor who has been advocating for this step, the Canadian Chiropractic Association wrote:

Thank You for telling the federal government that it’s time to include chiropractors as assessors for the Disability Tax Credit! We appreciate your support, which is having an effect. More than 1,900 letters have been sent to Members of Parliament. A key committee recommended the government make this change in its next budget.

Now it’s time for the government to hear from the people you help. We created a poster to educate patients. We encourage you – as campaign supporters – to share with patients or display in a prominent area of your clinic. Our hope is that the poster sparks a conversation and that your patients will lend their support.

We already have strong support for this campaign from the patient advocate community. The Canadian Nurses Association, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities and The Arthritis Society have endorsed us.

Thank you again for your help to empower chiropractors and their patients. 

We at BMD Services strongly advocate for such a measure, as Canadian’s deserve every right to have available to them, any means possible to be fairly assessed and subsequently approved for the Disability Tax Credit.  Be sure to ask your Chiropractor about this initiative, and to contact your MP showing your support to have Chiropractors included as authorized medical practitioners to assess patients for the DTC.



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