There are many things most Canadians would rather be doing than their income taxes.  Now with the holiday season over, and cold weather still upon us, tax filing time just seems to be the icing on the cake.  Fun times, they are not.

The good news about this time of year, is that it gets people thinking about how they can reduce their income taxes. Although the Disability Tax Credit can be claimed during any time of the year, as up to 10 past years can be claimed (up to $2,000 per year reduced), and claims can take 4 months or more to be processed, this time of year often encourages folks to look further into the DTC.  In fact, we receive significantly more inquiries about the benefit this time of year.

So let’s turn this gloomy time of year into something positive, by requesting a free, quick, and easy, DTC Assessment.  Remember that the program also includes “moderately” restricted people (of any age and income level), that are able to work, go to school, stay at home parenting or looking after ones home, generally taking care of business, but are slowed, taking more time to either hear, speak, walk, use their bowel/bladder, dress, prepare foods, or in memory and decision making.  In fact, adding 2 or more functions together, the degree of restriction can be even less than moderate, perhaps considered mild (with enough functions combined – per “cumulative effects” requirements).

So, if you have been procrastinating looking into the DTC further, or if you feel you may not qualify, or have been informed that you do not qualify, now is a good time to know for sure, whether you do or not.  After all, thousands of dollars per year in retroactive benefits may await you, as well as even more for future years.

If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, diabetes, bowel or bladder conditions, hearing loss (moderate), heart and/or breathing restrictions, or any that cause you to be slower in your daily functioning, and/or have ADD/ADHD, depression/anxiety, PTSD, or any that cause you to require more time in memory, or decision making, or if you have any conditions not mentioned, you should really contact us for a free assessment.

We have been successfully helping Canadians for over 12 years, and take pride in our accurate, comprehensive, legally based DTC Assessments.  We are qualified and professional, and eagerly look forward to sharing our broad DTC knowledge with anyone who would need.


Barry M. D. Ho
President, BMD Services

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