Remote medical forms completion by doctors.


The current virus public health concerns can result in doctors limiting in-person patient visits, or perhaps suspending them altogether. Although these recommended steps may help to address the current concerns of virus transmission, and rightly so, this doesn’t need to negatively impact patients applying for the Disability Tax Credit who are attempting to gain fair and timely access to their benefits.  In fact, the virus control efforts are already contributing to increased financial stresses to Canadians with business and services closures resulting in job layoffs and the like.  This is all the more reason to ensure that Canadians continue to have timely and fair access to their health benefits.

For doctor’s who are not directly involved in or are not inordinately tasked with high volumes of virus testing/screening efforts, and are seeing less patients per day, it is not unreasonable to expect that they may be finding more time to attend to completion of medical forms on behalf of patients.  Some of these doctors may also be taking steps to treat patients remotely, such as by phone, or by internet, in an effort to continue patient access to their needed medical care in alternative ways.  So, under these circumstances, these doctors may be able to continue to help patients with their DTC application needs with minimal disruption.

What this all means is that although public health and virus control is the priority, it does not mean that within the protective efforts, that DTC applications must be delayed.  So, for anyone contemplating applying for the DTC, do not let the current situation discourage you from applying.  Simply give us a call, or fill in one of our online contact forms, or email us, for a quick, comprehensive, and legally accurate free DTC assessment.  Once done, we can discuss your options and preferences moving forward with an application.

This analysis is with the assumption that Canada Revenue Agency continues to process health benefits claims, whether by limiting service closures, or increasing work-from-home options for their staff, within the recommended public health guidelines of this current situation. In the event CRA closes operations for a period, DTC application efforts can continue, as it can take some time to prepare cases and associated forms, and in communicating with doctors for their help with completion of required documents and so on.  Timely access to these benefits is important to those that can qualify, and every effort should be made to move applications forward as quickly and fairly as possible.

We here at BMD Service continue working diligently on a daily basis on behalf of our clients to assess whether they qualify, determine the number of years (past and future) applicable, the specific benefit amount they are entitled to, the simple versus the challenging aspects of their DTC application (each case is unique), as well as how to best prepare and execute their specific application needs.  All of this in an effort to achieving clients claims approval, each on a timely basis resulting in their successful receipt of full benefits.


Barry M. D. Ho
President, BMD Services

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