Our Service: Help Getting a Disability Benefit

BMD Services helps Canadians with health issues determine if their conditions may qualify for substantial disability benefit income tax credits & refunds. We specialize in successfully obtaining the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) for clients. We help Canadians determine whether they qualify, and how they would benefit financially from claiming the tax credit based on their income level. We assist with all of the required documentation, medical requirements, and submit all necessary documentation to the tax department, as well as administrate all aspects of the claim request, making it simple and easy for clients to get their money. We also help those with little or no income to transfer their credit to a supporting family member where applicable, and we provide claimants with information of other health benefits programs.

Free and Instant

Find out quickly and easily whether you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit for FREE! Just click on the Free Online DTC Assessment button, answer the questions provided and you will receive a full assessment summary. There is no charge or obligation for this assessment.

Free Assessments Determine:

1. Whether you qualify. 
2. The number of years you qualify (past/present), (10 past years and all future years can be considered).
3. The benefit amount you qualify for.
4. How soon you can receive your benefits.

Private & Confidential

All assessments are private and confidential.  

We do not provide any information to third parties.  

BMD Services has been providing private and confidential services to clients since 2009.


If your Free Online DTC Assessment determines that you do qualify and would benefit from a successful DTC claim, we will send you a no obligation information package explaining how we can help you to apply. BMD Services has been successfully helping Canadian’s with their DTC claims since 2009 and are widely considered the foremost DTC authority in Canada.

How We Can Help You Qualify For a Disability Benefit or Tax Credit

We provide you with a personal free, quick and easy, no obligation consultation to determine if you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (as well as associated information on other programs if applicable). BMDs President is a former Internal Auditor within Canada’s tax department, and utilizes his knowledge, experience, and expertise to successfully obtain maximum benefits for Canadians. BMD is recommended by professionals and support organizations, and processes an exclusive number of claims per year, where each claim is personally reviewed by management ensuring that claimants receive maximum benefits. Unlike some of our competitors that are large corporations, we do not hire processing agents with little or no professional income tax health benefit experience to mass process claims. And, unlike many small volume services, we do not have company owners and/or managers who have little or no professional income tax health benefit experience. Call Barry at BMD Services today to get help claiming your disability benefit tax credit. It’s your money and you deserve the best!

How We Help You Get Your Money

Find out whether you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit Now! It’s Free!

Receive a Free & Confidential DTC Consultations Today!

Call (855) 546-9199 to Learn More Or Contact Us to Get Approved

Contact Us Now

  • All inquiries are confidential, and there is no obligation to enrol.
  • Lump sum tax refund payments can amount to $25,000 or more, so it’s worth knowing whether you qualify.
  • Once approved, you can continue to save $2,500 a year or more, for future tax years.
  • Government credit programs can be confusing, so let us help get you the answers you need.
  • We have direct experience working within Canada’s tax department – we know how to help you get your money.
  • Our service is trusted and recommended by many professionals, health and support organizations, as well as previous clients.
  • Our service makes it quick and easy for you to get your full tax refund.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

BMD Services respects your right to privacy. We rigidly adhere to the Canadian Government privacy regulations governed by the “The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act”. All inquiries, as well as client information are kept strictly confidential. We will not contact you unless you wish us to do so.

Web Site Security

Our web site utilizes the highest security standards in an attempt to prevent any unauthorized access. Our website does not contain any information about our clients. However, prospective clients should be aware that when sending initial contact emails, or completing “Contact Us” forms online, personal information is only as secure as the internet itself. As such, BMD recommends that internet and email users send minimal personal information using these technologies. We recommend limiting initial contact information to email address, first and last name, and phone number. This limited information is all that is initially required. Additional client information can be provided to BMD through more secure methods when appropriate. We care about your privacy.

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