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Disability Tax Credit Testimonials

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George & Glenda Received a $34,000 Disability Tax Credit 

Watch the video to hear about George and Glenda’s experience using BMD Services to get their full Disability Tax Credit refund.

Canada Disability Tax Credit Recipient Testimonials

Former CRA Tax Expert Barry Ho of BMD Services has helped hundreds of people with disabilities and their caregivers claim the Canada Disability Tax Credit. These are testimonials from real customers that Barry has helped as well as respected doctors and industry professionals. To find out if you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, Call Barry for a free and private consultation at 1-855-546-9199.

BMD Services has helped me and several of my family members with our Disability Tax Credit claims, and as a result, we each received our maximum refunds. Most of us received over $20,000 each. Without their help, I am certain that we would not have gotten our money. Also, I work in a senior’s residence and have referred many seniors with health issues to BMD, who has successfully helped them to obtain their refunds too. BMD also informed me about the Registered Disability Savings Plan that the government offers, which also has financially benefitted my family.

Avril K., Winnipeg, Manitoba

BMD Services helped us to determine if we qualified, provided information directly to our doctor clarifying the DTC form requirements, and furnished the tax department with all of the necessary documentation to ensure our claim went through smoothly.

Peter & Sally R., Calgary, Alberta

Both my wife and I were previously denied the Disability Tax Credit, and with BMDs help we were successful and received the maximum DTC benefit. We also received our money within ten weeks of applying. BMD sure knows their stuff!

Glenda & George C., Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Working with BMD was a pleasure! I received my initial refund quickly and easily. Actually, after I received my refund BMD discovered a shortfall and went to bat for me again, resulting in substantially more money in my pocket.

Elizabeth R., Kelowna, British Columbia

I was referred to BMD by my daughter, a chiropractor, and had no idea about the DTC and that I might qualify. BMD helped me through a process I would never have been able to do on my own. They helped me to determine if I would qualify and to decide if I should apply. They also provided information directly to my doctor, who knew some things about the DTC but not enough to determine if I qualified. I received over $18,000 back and I bought the first-ever decent car for me and my family with the money. I also get over $2,000 more in my income tax refund every year. BMD is great!

Shaw S., Toronto, Ontario

I am a Medical Doctor, and I have completed many of the DTC forms in the past, but was of the impression that the DTC form was only for the severely disabled. I have known Barry Ho for many years, and have known him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I was made aware of his experience with the federal income tax department, and was impressed with his comprehensive knowledge surrounding the Disability Tax Credit. As a result, I now regularly notify my patients about the DTC and recommend that they give BMD Services a call to find out more. This isn`t a program just for the disabled, it is for anyone who has less severe health conditions as well.

Dr. C. L., Winnipeg, Manitoba

I run a Chiropractic Clinic, and was not aware of the Disability Tax Credit. Due to the efforts of BMD, I am now well aware of the credit and its benefits to my patients. Because of BMD, many of my patients received substantial refunds, and am now their favourite doctor! Thanks BMD!

Dr. Garry M., Montreal, Quebec

I am a financial planner here in Canada. Although I know a great deal about income tax benefits for Canadians, Barry Ho was able to provide me with more in-depth information about the DTC. As a result, I now refer more of my clients to the DTC and to Barry’s service. I know that they are in good hands with Barry and his team.

David C., Ottawa, Ontario

I am a manager for a municipal public service senior resource organization, and we conduct an annual trade show providing information to seniors and their families. In the past years Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) had presented Disability Tax Credit seminars at our trade shows, however feedback from attendees indicated that the information provided by CRA was not thorough enough, and appeared to be from the tax departments perspective, and not the tax payers. As a result, we invited Barry Ho (BMDs President), to present DTC information seminars to the public in place of CRA. Attendees reported that BMD did a much better job than CRA at providing DTC information more suited to claimants needs.

Deb L., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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