We at BMD Services are happy to announce that Canada Revenue Agency has authorized Nurse Practitioners to certify Disability Tax Credit Certificates.  Under the new Federal Budget, Nurse Practitioners have been included in the list of medical practitioners authorized to certify DTC Certificates for any functions that medical doctors are authorized.  This means that Nurse Practitioners are authorized to the same degree as medical doctors.  They are equal.

This is great news and deserving for Nurse Practitioners who have undergone additional training in order to achieve their “practitioner” status, and to more effectively treat patients needs, and for patients who have relied on the qualified professional care of these nurses.

It has been our experience here at BMD Services that many Nurse Practitioners take a proactive role in understanding the DTC qualifying rules, who have worked with us and our clients, toward having the required application forms completed accurately on behalf of patients.

We welcome the inclusion of Nurse Practitioners now authorized to certify Disability Tax Credit Certificates!  Great news!

  • Barry M. D. Ho
    President, BMD Services


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