The CRA makes it so hard to get the disability tax credit, many don’t even try

By Erica Alini National Online Journalist, Money Consumer Global News
-Jan. 11, 2018

A recent 2018 news article posted by Global News reports on the difficulties applicants can face when applying for the Disability Tax Credit.  They refer to evidences gathered by the University of Calgary School of Public Policy report on the DTC.  The article also states, “If that (the explained DTC rules) made your head spin, you’re not alone. Even doctors often can’t make heads or tails of it, the report suggests. In fact, some health professionals are refusing to fill out the forms, particularly for mental health patients, for which the criteria for eligibility are even stricter, the study says referencing recent media reports”.

We here at BMD Services have been keenly aware of the DTC application difficulties for over the past 11 years, so much of the news reports we see, particularly of late, are confirmation of what we know.  The good news is that these challenges are often successfully overcome with knowledgeable, experienced, and professional guidance.  Overall, our recommendation for anyone who is looking into the DTC, is to be as educated and aware as possible of the program, the qualifying rules, and the associated benefits.  It also is helpful to be aware of how this information must also be understood by doctors.  We here at BMD Services are always available to answer any questions, whether by the public or by medical practitioners, as we are here to help.

We are renown for having very accurate, in depth, and unbiased knowledge of the DTC regardless of who is asking.  Yes, we always look forward to helping clients looking for our formal assistance with a claim, yet we also look forward to answering any questions anyone may have about the DTC.  So, remember, although patients and doctors may find the DTC confusing, there is hope, as BMD is here to help eliminate such confusion and to provide comprehensive and accurate information about the DTC to anyone.

Global News article
University of Calgary article

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