Thank you to Canada Revenue Agency 1-800# customer assistance line whose operators have recognized the difficulties callers and their treating medical practitioners can experience when trying to understand the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) qualifying criteria, application process, and associated forms, by referring callers specifically to BMD Services (Benefits for Medical Disabilities).

Though Canada Revenue Agency information line staff are adept at advising callers about the income tax rules and guidelines associated with DTC claims, it is likely however that they find it difficult to effectively and efficiently assist with detailed medical assessments often required to accurately determine if a patient qualifies for the DTC, particularly those who are less restricted, or with the complexities of informing and advising the treating medical practitioners of how a patient qualifies.

Our recent client Steve Z. was referred to BMD by Canada Revenue Agency, being that doctors would not sign his required certification documents, and as a result of BMDs help he and his daughter were successfully approved for the DTC, and received just under $39,000 in total DTC refund money.  Their cases were not simple by any means, and difficult for Canada Revenue Agency to resolve, but with effort overcome by BMD. In addition, BMD discovered additional benefits available to them.  In all, a successful story.

(Note: Canada Revenue Agency does not formally support any private services available to the public.)

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