This year marks yet another year the Disability Tax Credit remains a valid annual income tax health benefit available to the Canadian public. This also marks the 8th year BMD Services has been helping people to better understand the DTC.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind Canadian’s that the DTC is an important and impactful benefit that needs to be well understood by all health restricted Canadian’s, their family members, medical practitioner’s, income tax service providers, as well as anyone involved with health affected Canadian’s.  Although our website makes every effort to provide comprehensive information about the DTC, this reminder may help further by summarizing the key points about the DTC.

  • The DTC is an annual income tax reduction credit that can apply to as many as 10 past years to all future years.
  • The DTC can reduce annual income taxes by as much as $2,000 for adults, and $3,000 for children.  This means that families may receive a lump sum income tax credit/refund for up to $20,000 to $30,000 for a 10 year claim, and up to $2,000 to $3,000 of reduced income taxes payable at tax filing time each year moving forward.
  • The DTC is not only for the DISABLED. Severely and Moderately restricted can qualify. Any person of any age who has a health restriction that causes them to be either UNABLE to function, or to be SLOWED (to the degree specified) in functioning, in any one basic activity of daily living, may qualify for the DTC.
  • For patients not slowed enough in any one function, there is a catch all category: If a person isn’t quite slowed in any one daily activity to the degree specified, they may qualify if they are slowed in two or more (as many as eight) daily activities where their combined effects would equal being slowed in one function.
  • Dig deep and ask questions.  Ask Canada Revenue Agency, tax preparers, doctor’s, or any reliable source you can find about the DTC.  Find out all you can in an effort to be well informed.  Here at BMD we strive to be the definitive, evidence-based source of accurate information about the Disability Tax Credit. We welcome all inquiries and provide free unbiased and comprehensive information to all who ask.  We love talking about the DTC.
  • All said and done, we empower all potential claimants with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions within their best interests.

Our free assessment objectives:

  • Determine whether a person qualifies medically for the DTC.
  • Determine the number of years past and future a person may qualify for the DTC.
  • Determine the potential DTC credit/refund amount the claimant can expect based on their specific income tax history/status for the years applicable.
  • Determine if a person would benefit from getting help with their DTC claim application ( as not everyone needs help with a DTC claim).
  • Provide information on what services BMD can provide, the time-frames, and costs of the service if the claim warrants help, and claimants elect to engage a service.

I hope this information was helpful to visitors to our website.  If you are a person or know of a person who has a health issue or number of health issues that impact their day, then give us a call to quickly and easily find out if they qualify, the benefit they can expect, and their options moving forward that are within their best interests and preference.

We are here to help.

– Barry M. D. Ho
[email protected]
Toll Free: 1-855-546-9199



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