The Disability Tax Credit is your money not Government money!  

The Disability Tax Credit is your income tax money that has been overpaid from past years.  It is not government program money.  This is important to know, as the claiming the DTC is a request to get a portion of your tax money back for past years, and income tax reduced for future years (you pay less tax).

Periodically, we here at BMD Services are contacted by Canadians who acknowledge that they have a medical restriction that may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, but that they are hesitant to apply because they do not wish to take money from the government.  They also comment that they do not want to take money from others who they perceive may “deserve” it more, due to more serious health conditions.

That is why we felt it important to point out that the DTC is your own money (or your supporting family members if applicable), and if you qualify, you deserve every right to receive your tax money back if approved, as well as reduced at tax filing time for future years, and as such potential claimants should not feel any hesitation in applying.

For a quick, free, easy DTC assessment, feel free to contact us anytime.  We would be glad to hear from you!

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